The Staff

Chabad of Westborough was established by Rabbi Michoel and Dvora Green based on the principle of providing a rich traditional Jewish home that could be enjoyed by everyone in the community.

Rabbi Michoel Green

Rabbi Green is a native of California and an accomplished musician and author. He received his rabbinical ordination in Brooklyn after studying in Jerusalem and Sydney, Australia. The Rabbi has spent over eighteen years working in Jewish outreach and education. He has worked in creating successful outreach programs in S. Diego, California and Brisbane, Australia, and founded the first network of Jewish Day Camps in Queensland. He formerly served as Rabbi for the Hebrew Congregation of Green Slopes and the Congregation Chabad of Rancho Bernardo, and has also taught in a wide variety of Jewish day schools— servicing families of all backgrounds and denominations. Michoel Green has authored several prominent books, including "Once upon a Chassid" on Jewish Festivals, (Kehot Publication, 1999).

Mrs. Dvora Green

A native of Chicago, Dvora Green is one of the most active local Jewish role models in the Westborough, MA area for young women wanting to share in the joys of traditional Judaism. Her extensive teaching experience in Jewish education spans from early childhood to the high school level—and includes training and work experience with special needs children. Dvora graduated from Staten Island College and attended teaching seminaries in Brooklyn, NY and Melbourne, Australia. She currently directs the Chabad Hebrew School and leads numerous classes and study groups at the Chabad Center, and of course, raises her family. (Parenthetically, her Challahs and Kugels are legendary).