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Chabad is a place where everyone is welcome. Simply put, we do not recognize the labels of Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform Judaism. We welcome all Jews looking to share and celebrate in our common heritage. Based in Westborough, MA, our Chabad Center services the towns of Shrewsbury and Northborough as well. We attract a large and diverse group of people because we foster an environment that enables each individual to explore Judaism at their own pace.

With a wide selection of programs for every family member, Chabad of Westborough is a vibrant and exciting place to be. We believe that Jews are Jews are Jews, regardless of affiliation or personal level of observance. We don't charge for synagogue membership or pastoral services. Donations are always appreciated (but never required).

Rabbi's Blog
Long-Overdue Introspection
This article is dedicated in loving memory of my dear brother-in-law,
Rabbi Shalom a"h ben Shmuel halevi Gurewicz,
who passed away today, Shabbos Parshas Tzav, 10 Nisan 5780  
Trigger warning: 
For the past few weeks, I have hesitated to share these thoughts. I feared sounding insensitive to the suffering of our community at this time. However, I feel the sense of urgency to share this vital message now to prevent more loss of life. Too much is at stake. Unfortunately, my message may distress certain well-meaning individuals in the Jewish community who hold "public health policy" to a standard of infallibility. All who are open to objective dialogue are encouraged to read on. Please read until the end before reaching conclusions. This is not about gloom and doom, but shares a message of hope, positivity, and constructive solutions. Also, my intent is not to point the finger at any one individual, but to a communal lapse for which we are all equally responsible.   

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