The Jewish Women

 FAQ's about the

The Jewish Women's Circle

 What is the Jewish Women's Circle?

 The Jewish Women's Circle, is a group designed for the contemporary woman. 

An innovative and enriching program, the JWC meets several times throughout the year and includes a variety of hands-on activities and projects, discussions, workshops, and guaranteed fun. The goal of The Women's Circle is to unite Jewish women in the Westborough area.

Why make the events on the first of the Jewish month?

The first of the month is a day of celebration for women.  The woman is especially connected with the first day of the Jewish month because they are so much like the moon.  Come find out how!

Who can join the JWC?

Any woman who wants to get together with friends, network with other women, have a night out, a break from the routine, further their Jewish knowledge, or enjoy the energy of women getting together is welcome.  No background or affiliation is necessary.

What kind of woman is part of the JWC?

Women from all walks of life join the JWC.  With the many reasons listed above come the many types of women you will meet.  With such varied activities, you're bound to meet someone you like. 

I don't really know much about the activities you are offering.  Should I come?

Of course!  That's what we're here for.  If everyone knew everything about what we were offering, we wouldn't offer it.  The atmosphere will be light and enjoyable.    

I'd like to join buy I'm not sure I can make every event.  What should I do?

You can join any or all of the events.  If you sign up for a yearly membership you get a discounted rate of $50 for the year, but you can also join up for the sessions you would like for $10 a session.

Every woman deserves a night out.  Invigorate yourself by joining the Women's Circle, and nourish your body and soul.




For more info contact Dvora at (508) 366-0499 or